From the Financial Times.

Four hundred construction jobs are to be cut at the site of Britain’s Hinkley Point nuclear power plant after France’s EDF called a halt to work for the first in a new generation of reactors. The cuts follow news in February of a delay to an investment decision on the £24.5bn project, now likely to be months away as negotiations with potential investors continue. EDF Energy, the group’s UK unit, has said it is “working hard” to finalise a deal on Hinkley Point C and “making progress” in discussions with possible partners, including with the Chinese companies involved. There were signs that negotiations with the partners — China General Nuclear Power Corp, China National Nuclear Corp, France’s Areva, Saudi Electric and several pension funds — had stalled over Chinese demands. The Chinese energy companies, which are rivals, have been at odds over their precise share of the project. Both have been pushing for a substantial share of the supply chain contracts — a demand that has held up negotiations, although it is now understood to have been met.
They are also interested in buying into proposed reactor projects at Sizewell in Suffolk and Bradwell in Essex, the second of which they want to use to pioneer their own reactor design. This has been a stumbling block. Potential investors are also understood to want to see government agreement on the contract for difference, or price at which the power will be sold, before making a final commitment.

FT 2nd April 2015