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A PDF of the TASC submission to the Regulated Asset Base (RAB) Nuclear Consultation can be downloaded here

A PDF of the Appendix to theTASC submission can be downloaded here

Just one major problem with the Sizewell C plans is that nuclear new build projects have been largely a financial disaster. Almost every major nuclear project in the West has been plagued by delays and cost overruns: Some delays are in the order decades. Likewise, the cost overruns are of epic proportions. Some new-build projects have had cost overruns that run into billions.
Changing the funding method for the planned Sizewell C to a regulated asset base model would shift the risk of rising costs from EDF to consumers, and could lead to even worse project planning because the existing RAB model would offer little incentive for EDF  to build on-time and on-budget. EDFs  investment is safe regardless, and we wind up footing the bill no matter how incompetently EDF proceeds.

The RAB Consultation ends on MONDAY OCTOBER 14th 2019, so if you wish to submit a response, the link is here:


The government has recently carried out a  consultation  to explore views on planning and selecting a site for a Geological Disposal Facility (GDF) for nuclear waste.

TASC and other groups and individuals have responded:

The overarching National Policy Statement for Energy (EN-1), published in 2011, set out the Government’s commitment to nuclear power. Taken together, EN-1 and the nuclear National Policy Statement (EN-6) provided the framework for development consent decisions on applications for new nuclear power stations expected to deploy by the end of 2025.

There was an expectation that by now the ‘nuclear renaissance’ would be well underway. However, to date only Hinkley Point C has been granted a development consent order. It is possible that Hinkley will be online by 2025, but there is no chance that any of the other proposed sites will be anywhere near completion, if indeed any are started, by the 2025 deadline. Therefore the government has had to designate a new nuclear National Policy Statement to facilitate nuclear power stations at sites capable of deployment between 2026-2035. The current list of potentially suitable sites (including Sizewell) will be carried through to the new National Policy Statement subject to them meeting the updated siting criteria and environmental assessments.

The purpose of the consultation is ostensibly to seek views and suggestions to enable the government to develop the criteria to assess which sites should be included in the new National Policy Statement.

TASC has written a comprehensive response for the consultation. A pdf of it can be found here.

Tasc also wrote a preamble which can be downloaded here. The text of the preamble is as follows:

29 JULY 2016

Download the report here

Greg Clark, the newly appointed Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, has received a report compiled by members of Together Against Sizewell C (TASC), a Leiston-based organisation opposed to the construction of another nuclear plant at Sizewell in Suffolk, which clearly and unequivocally demonstrates that the nuclear component of the energy policy being pursued by the government is unnecessary.

The report argues that the data upon which the original policy was based has changed so fundamentally over the last few years that a review of the National Policy statement as expressed in EN1 is obligatory under Section 6 of the 2008 Planning Act. All government targets can be met without the nuclear component and TASC urges the Secretary of State to re-examine the policy and amend it to remove controversial, costly, dangerous and politically toxic nuclear power from the mix.

(the full submission can be downloaded here)

October 12th 2015


The legal requirement for the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change to review the original 2005 decision to include nuclear power in the UK’s future energy programme has been set out in a document prepared by members of Together Against Sizewell C (TASC), and has been delivered to Secretary of State Amber Rudd on two occasions over the past two months. At the time of writing, TASC has received no reply from Ms Rudd.